Fordham Notes: Fordham Law Grads Tapped by Top Firms

Friday, March 27, 2009

Fordham Law Grads Tapped by Top Firms

Fordham University School of Law has broken into the top 20 go-to law schools for recruiting of graduates by the nation’s biggest law firms, The National Law Journal has reported in their Feb. 23 issue.

The law school came in at 17th place among those schools most recruited by the country's top 250 firms, sending 43.7 percent, or 205 out of its 469 J.D. graduates, as first year associates to the most coveted firms in 2008. Columbia Law School took the top spot, with 71.5 percent of its graduates being hired, and Boston University School of Law rounded out the list at number 20, at 41.2 percent of its graduates taking jobs.

William Treanor, dean of the Law School, noted that the school has worked to target large law firms in its placement efforts by bolstering contact with alumni who practice in large firms.

“We have very much focused on a concerted effort for firms to hire our graduates,” said Treanor.

According to the Law Journal, approximately 55 percent of students graduating from the top 20 most prestigious law schools in the country have ended up at the nation’s most prestigious firms in the last two years.

—Janet Sassi

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