Fordham Notes: SNOW DAY

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Fordham University students got an unexpected hiatus from classes Wednesday when the University closed due to a major storm that dropped more than a foot of snow on the New York metropolitan area.

But it wasn’t just “snow”; it was “good-packing snow” -- the kind that is light yet dense, and the stuff that is best for making snowballs, snowmen, snow forts and for sticking firmly to the sides of Fordham’s famous statues.

Nicholas Lombardi, S.J., captured the images below from Fordham's Rose Hill campus.

By Thursday morning, everything was cleared. Both University and students were back to a normal routine.


RSHM Prayer for Flitters said...

Love the pictures! Thanks to the photographer

News Blog said...

Thanks for the kind words, Sister Dympna. I'll make sure Father Lombardi sees them.

Anonymous said...

As an alumnus living out of state, I haven't seen the Rose Hill campus in many years. I'd forgotten how beautiful it is, and the "Snow Day" pictures just confirm it!

News Blog said...

Thanks. We're happy to bring you a little snowy nostalgia.

Maureen Shanahan said...

My favorite is the photo of the Ram-turned-Wild-Thing-Monster... Love the students' imaginations... Go Rams!

News Blog said...

Maureen, thanks. There were some great shots from that day.