Fordham Notes: GSS Welcomes Rogler Fellowship

Thursday, December 2, 2010

GSS Welcomes Rogler Fellowship

Faculty and friends of the Graduate School of Social Science (GSS) gathered on Dec. 1 to welcome the inaugural recipient of a fellowship funded by Lloyd H. Rogler, Ph.D., Fordham’s Albert Schweitzer Professor Emeritus in the Humanities (above, left).

The endowed fellowship was awarded to Donna Dopwell (above, right), a second-year doctoral student of social work who is specializing in the study of Hispanics. Going forward, the endowed fellowship will completely fund one GSS doctoral student per year.

Rogler, who spent more than 50 years as an author, academic and medical researcher, said he made the gift to help advance the social work profession’s cultural competence by funding doctoral students studying Hispanic life and culture.

Dopwell will be working with Claudia Moreno, Ph.D., associate professor of social work, on the effects of HIV Aids within the Latin American community, with a special emphasis on those of Puerto Rican heritage.

During his 27-year teaching career at Fordham, Rogler founded the Hispanic Research Center with funding from competitive grants from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). He is the author of eight academic books and, most recently, a fictionalized memoir, Barrio Professors: Tales of Naturalistic Research (Left Coast Press, 2008).

“Lloyd has always been a pioneer in cultural competence,” said Peter Vaughan, dean of the GSS, “and someone who has always supported students who can carry on the research that he began.”

Janet Sassi


Yvonne Ward said...

I had the pleasure of working at the Hispanic Research Center for many years while I was a doctoral student in the GSAS Psychology program. At the HRC, from Dr. Rogler I learned more about experiential research in sociology, data collection and analysis and writing up research results. Everything I learned under the tutelage of Dr. Rogler prepared me for my doctoral disseration research, which I breezed through. Dr. Rogler was by far, one of the very best role models I had to prepare me academically and research-wise. I truly learned the art of writing in his hands=on research environment. From those days at the Hispanic Research Center, I left Fordham with my Ph.D. in hand, a Directorship post at a CUNY College and have recently published my first book: "Living the Artist's Life" (Xlibris Publisher). Working with Dr. Rogler solidified my confidence and pride in my Hispanic Heritage. Dr. Rogler has done more for the Hispanic community than anyone I know. I am truly thankful to have been a part of the Hispanic Research Center.
Yvonne Martinez Ward, Ph.D
Fordham Alumni

News Blog said...

Thanks for the kind words, Dr. Ward. We'll make sure Dr. Rogler sees them.

Editor said...

I worked with Dr. Lloyd H. Rogler at the Hispanic Research Center for almost 20 years, editing and preparing the Center’s many publications: 14 monographic studies, a quarterly Research Bulletin, and several hundred articles in professional journals, all reporting the research conducted by the Center. The GSS doctoral student fellowship is only one of Dr. Rogler’s scholarly and, I may say, financial achievements. Not only did he raise the funds for the fellowship but also – and this is not generally known – brought in over several million dollars for the University. This is in addition to the prestige accruing to the University and the attention accorded to Hispanic issues because of the work of the Center under his directorship. In fact, the National Institute of Health recognized the HRC as the best research and development center in the country. Dr. Rogler’s grant applications were models of good research and good writing devoid of fuzzy thinking and academic jargon. He taught everyone at the Center, including this Editor, that doing good science requires not only mastery of the subject, but also sharp thinking to be transmitted to others in clear and understandable prose.

Stasia Madrigal