Fordham Notes: Fordham University Social Media Policy

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fordham University Social Media Policy

The University reserves the right to delete any posting or comment it finds offensive from University blogs, Facebook pages, or other social media platforms.

As a rule, we delete advertisements for non-Fordham events, products, businesses and fundraisers. We do not delete critical posts unless they contain personal attacks or profanity. We welcome debate, but strongly encourage visitors on Fordham sites to practice civil discourse.

Any questions regarding this policy or Fordham's social media may be addressed to:

Bob Howe
(212) 636-6538

Thank you, in advance, for helping us maintain an open and collegial atmosphere on Fordham websites.

—Bob Howe

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Sean McCooe said...

Professor John Entelis, Political Science Chair, head of Middle East Studies , to speak on Arab spring ++ Monday 13 in Jersey City - join us!