Fordham Notes: Recyclemania 2013 Officially Underway

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Recyclemania 2013 Officially Underway

The competition among Fordham's residence halls to see who can recycle the most and waste the least kicked off on Feb. 2, and after the first week, leaders have emerged. 

According to results released on Tuesday, Feb. 12 by consultant Wake Forest, Rose Hill’s Marytr's Court leads the pack in both the categories of most paper and cardboard and most glass, metal and plastic collected, at .98 pounds per person and .89 pounds per person, respectively. 

Rose Hill's Tierney Hall and Lincoln Center's McMahon Hall recycled the least amount of paper and cardboard, just .50 pounds per person. Rose Hill's Alumni South recycled the least amount of glass, metal and plastic at a paltry .32 pounds per person.

Reflecting the differences between the two campuses, the 2.89 pounds of trash per person counted at Lincoln Center's Walsh Hall was far less than any amount recorded at Rose Hill. The students there who kept the most trash out of the garbage stream are at Salice-Conley Hall, at 3.49 pounds per person. Curiously, Martyr’s Court was on the opposite end of the spectrum, as its residents generated a whopping 7.55 pounds of trash per person.

It would seem that in the first week of Recyclemania, the 446 residents of Martyr’s Court are the most prodigious, both in conservation and in waste. Keep it up guys! Also, stop it!

Recyclemania continues through April 1. For more information, visit

—Patrick Verel

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