Fordham Notes: Rose Hill Dorms Dominate Second Annual RecycleMania

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rose Hill Dorms Dominate Second Annual RecycleMania

The second annual RecycleMania challenge ended on March 31 with three residence halls at Rose Hill taking top honors.

According to results released by consultant Wake Forest, Rose Hill’s Walsh Hall and Salice-Conley Hall finished the ten-week challenge in the top of the categories of most paper and cardboard, and most glass, metal and plastic, respectively. Both were in the lead on March 4, when data was last reported.

Likewise, Rose Hill’s Alumni South held on to win the title for the least amount of trash generated per person. The residents of Lincoln Center’s McMahon Hall won this category in last years’ challenge, but were out shined this year by Alumni South’s 3.29 pounds per person count. Tierney Hall generated the most trash per person, 5.61 pounds per person.

When it came to glass, metal and plastic, Salice-Conley Hall blew away the competition, recycling 1.04 pounds per person. Walsh Hall, which came in second place, recycled a mere 0.67 pounds per person. At the other end of the spectrum, Alumni South finished last, with 0.18 pounds per person.

On the south side of campus, Walsh Hall was victorious in the paper and cardboard category, managing to keep an average of a whole pound per resident out of the garbage stream. Alumni South was last in that category too, recycling 0.23 pounds per person.

This was the second year Fordham participated in RecycleMania, in the “benchmark” division of the competition, where the University did not compete with other schools, but rather pitted individual dorms against each other in a friendly competition to see who is the greenest of them all.

—Patrick Verel

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