Fordham Notes: Fordham University Press joins Oxford UP ebook Distribution Platform

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fordham University Press joins Oxford UP ebook Distribution Platform

Fordham University Press has joined a groundbreaking new online platform developed by Oxford University Press.

University Press Scholarship Online (UPSO) is a fully enabled XML environment for university press monograph content that features cutting edge search and discovery functionality.

“The expansion of Oxford Scholarship Online to include the research and scholarship of other university presses, creating a single platform searchable across many high-quality programs, represents a step forward in ensuring that academic content is increasingly accessible—and conveniently so,” said Tim Barton, Managing Director of Global Academic Business for Oxford University Press.

Responding to increased demand for online scholarly content, UPSO streamlines the research process by making disparately published monographs easily accessible, highly discoverable and fully cross-searchable via one online platform. Research that previously would have required users to jump between a variety of books, and disconnected websites can now be concentrated through a single search engine.

For more information, visit Fordham ImPRESSions, the Fordham University Press blog.

—Gina Vergel


Tricia said...

Father, thank you for those pictures...brings back great memories...the place looks gorgeous and unchanged from 1983. Thanks!

News Blog said...

Tricia, I think you meant to cooment on Father Lombardi's snow pictures. I'll make sure he sees this. BH