Fordham Notes: Commencement Hour by Hour

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Commencement Hour by Hour

10 a.m. procession begins . . .

NBC's Brian Williams, center, Fordham's 2011 commencement speaker, cues to proceed.

A student rings Fordham's Victory Bell announcing the start of the procession.

Some students who earned their bachelor's of science degrees join the procession.

"Where's my graduate?"

Fordham's EMTs Elizabeth Szymanski, an FCRH sophomore, Rob Villegas, a GSB junior, and Jennifer Gennaro, a FCRH junior, take a breather after a morning of prepping the campus for emergency-readiness.

Jesuit prayers kept the rain at bay, but some people put their umbrellas to good use anyway, hiding from those UVRs.

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