Fordham Notes: Fordham Joins with Keats-Shelley Association to Promote Romanticism

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fordham Joins with Keats-Shelley Association to Promote Romanticism

Was there a literary regency?

That and other questions will be the focus of a weekend conference on Fordham’s Lincoln Center campus as a group of Fordham faculty who constitute the NYC Romanticism Group, join with the Keats-Shelley Association of America to sponsor a daylong conference of the same name on Saturday, May 14.

The free event hopes to cultivate an interest in Romantic literature beyond academia, and is hoping to attract anyone with an interest in the genre of Regency romance, and beyond.

Featured lectures include “Regency Literature? Regency Libel,” by Charles Mahoney, Ph.D., associate professor of English at the University of Connecticut; “Shelley’s Romantic Paganism," by Suzanne Barnett, a doctoral candidate at the University of Pennsylvania who is writing a dissertation on romantic paganism; and “Graphical Satire in the Regency” by Steven Jones, Ph.D., professor of English from Loyola University of Chicago.

A Round Table discussion on “1816 as Literary Year,” will open the event, which gets underway at 9:15 a.m. It was the year, among other things, that Mary Shelley wrote her novel Frankenstein.

You can register on line here or contact Sarah Zimmerman, associate professor of English, for more information.

—Janet Sassi

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