Fordham Notes: Homecoming: Damp Weather, High Spirits

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Homecoming: Damp Weather, High Spirits

Fordham's Homecoming took place yesterday with the tents on Eddie's Parade, a break from past years on Martyrs' Lawn and closer to Jack Coffey Field.

Coach Tom Masella called the Rams' 48 to 13 loss frustrating, but neither the persistent drizzle nor the Leopards' victory appeared to have much effect on the enthusiasm of the attendees. We'll have to wait for Alumni Affairs' official tally, but the crowd seemed bigger this year. You could hear the convival rumble of the crowd in the tent from all the way back at Spellman, and the returning alumni were full of compliments for the state of the campus and the University.

This year, the staff of the News and Media Relations Bureau fanned out with digital recorders to capture the memories of alumni for our Fordham Stories project, an audio archive of campus life that will eventually be available on the eNewsroom. Homecoming was a test of the technology—though we'll eventually post the best of those clips, too—Jubilee will be the first real effort to chronicle campus life through oral history.

More Homecoming coverage will be available on the Fordham home page on Monday.

Blind Item: Which Jesuit knows his way around a stove? His mother's recipe was the perfect sendoff on Saturday.

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