Fordham Notes: KPMG Taps CBA Junior, GLOBE-trotter for Prestigious Internship

Friday, October 17, 2008

KPMG Taps CBA Junior, GLOBE-trotter for Prestigious Internship

Regis Zamudio a junior at Fordham's College of Business Administration, has been chosen for KPMG's 2008 Future Diversity Leaders (FDL) class. Zamudio is one of only 51 students nationwide who were chosen and participated in the FDL, selected for their commitment to high academic achievement, community and campus involvement and active participation in diversity organizations.

Zamudio, a finance major, is currently studying Chinese culture in Beijing, and is working with the Global Learning Opportunities and Business Experiences (G.L.O.B.E.) program to receive his international business certificate. He has studied Mandarin Chinese at Lincoln Center for the past two years and is continuing his language studies in China.

Before he departed for the Middle Kingdom, KPMG flew Zamudio to Hollywood, Calif., over the summer for a two-day training session about the firm and the opportunities it offers.

"We learned some great managerial techniques which taught us how to effectively manage, be managed, and perform under pressure situations," Zamudio writes from Beijing. "Communication skills and problem solving skills were a few of the materials we discussed and practiced. I thought the program was great. I was able to meet some terrific people who shared my similar interests and who are doing amazing things. I especially loved our discussion on the global markets and KPMG's role in the global economy. The partners we met were phenomenal and all of them were approachable and ready to answer difficult questions. The managerial leadership tips that KPMG showed us gave me better insight into how to manage properly and I'm sure I will carry that information with me for the rest of my life."

KPMG launched its FDL program a year ago, with the first group of 50 students providing leadership training and financial support for outstanding minority undergraduate business students, in its continuing effort to increase and support minority representation in the accounting profession.

Zamudio returns to New York in January. Next summer he will be working with KPMG as an intern, either at their New York office or, he hopes, back to Beijing. (There is a long and distinguished history of Jesuit education in China.) The internship prior to the senior year is a "practice internship," in which participants gain hands-on experience with clients in their chosen business area. In addition to gaining work experience, Zamudio will be mentored by a FDL faculty advisor and KPMG professionals.

"I am really hoping to return to China," Zamudio signed off his e-mail, "especially with an exciting and diverse company like KPMG."

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